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Hint: Print out my business card by right-clicking on it and selecting print. Then write your name, number and address on the back and give it to the referral. (don't forget to tell them to give it to me before I finish) And that's all there is to it!

Very Special Pricing for Elderly, Single Parents and Widows

Call or Text: 251-421-4778
For Free Estimate or Email

Call or Text: 251-421-4778
For a Free No Obligation Estimate
or Email

Services Provided

  • Mowing


  • Trimming


  • Hedging

    Hedging is one of my favorite tasks and I am quite good at it. I can trim and shape hedges in a number of ways, from square sides to square top to square sides and round top and many variations in between. Consequently my hedging charges are quite reasonable.


  • Edging

    Edging can refer to cutting a thin 3/8" trench next to the 'edge' of any concrete fixture, this could include
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Curbs
or any other concrete structure that is adjacent to grass
It could also refer to making a divider between beds and sod to prevent the grass from encroaching on the beds. This could be
  • made by the same type edger used to edge concrete.
  • made by a hand tool
  • made by a bed redifiner
I use all 3 methods.


  • Blower Sweeping


  • Fertilizing


  • Leaf Control

    We now have the equipment that allows us to perform leaf management for almost the same cost as standard lawn care.;
Give me a call and be pleasantly surprised by my free estimate.


  • Weed Control

    Weed control is very important to a healthy vibrant lawn. Weeds rob grass of water, nutrients and sun. One of the best ways to control them is to apply a "weed & feed" type product at least 3 times per year. There are "post" and "pre" emergent weed killers. Using the correct one at the proper time can greatly increase your success in controlling undesired weeds.


  • Aeration

    Aeration is essentially the process of "poking" holes in the ground. What this does is
  • softens the ground to make it easier for roots to spread.
  • de-thatches overly thick areas
  • allows oxygen to enter the soil
  • the plugs that are removed decompose and make a good fertilizer
  • this should be done at least twice / year to promote a healthy lawn.
  • my aerations prices are very reasonable.


  • Fire Ant Control

    The insecticide I use to kill fire ants comes in the form of white granules resembling white sand. This insecticide kills insects for up to ONE YEAR. In addition to killing ants it also controls most other insects that are harmful to your lawn as well as fleas, and ticks. For this reason it can be applied by two methods.

The first is direct application to an Ant mound, the other is by broadcast spreader. Either method is effective. For quickest results pour water water on the mound after the granules have been applied. It will literally kill the entire mound in the time it takes to make toast.

As for pricing: I only charge $2.00 / mound to treat individual ant hills. Broadcast pricing varies by the size of the area to be treated.





If you do not feel like you got your moneys' worth...  NO Charge!