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This is how it works.....
I will pay you $20 bucks for each referral once when I service that property for the first time.
Hint: Print out my business card by right-clicking on it and selecting print. Then write your name, number and address on the back and give it to the referral. (don't forget to tell them to give it to me before I finish) And that's all there is to it!

Very Special Pricing for Elderly, Single Parents and Widows

Call or Text: 251-421-4778
For Free Estimate or Email

Call or Text: 251-421-4778
For a Free No Obligation Estimate
or Email

The Agreement / Lawn Care Etiquette

A contract is not required but can be had if needed. Here are a few guidelines which should help assure an amicable partnership.

If you are approved for billing, you agree to pay the invoiced amount within 7 days of receipt and include the invoice number with your payment. This is important for bookkeeping purposes.

You understand that if your payment is late your lawn may not be serviced until payment is received or mutual agreement has been reached.

Unless other arrangements have been made, you agree that you are responsible for making the yard “mower ready”, as follows:

a) Remove limbs and debris

b) Pick up children’s and dog toys

c) Retrieve water hoses

d) Move vehicles

e) Unlock gates

You understand that the mower operator is NOT responsible for damage to any item under the grass or leaf line unless previously warned, however the operator will avoid damage if at all possible. If there is a persistent problem or homeowner cannot comply, there will be an extra charge. Please understand that I am understanding and flexible but may need to implement these charges to keep costs under control. (I am doing my best not to implement a Gas sur charge but I need your help)

1) Roll up garden hose - $5.00

2) Pick up childrens or pet toys - $1.00

3) Each relocate benches or other exterior furniture - $2 - $5.00

Normal mowing service does not including the following but are available upon request

· Bagging (of leaves or grass clippings)

· Removal of grass clippings

· Hedge trimming

· Removal of limbs (i do pick up or mulch up limbs) in the mowers path

If your lawn cannot be serviced during the regularly scheduled time, you will be contacted in advance if possible and a new time will be assigned ASAP.

This document is not intended to be a contract, legal or binding. It is only intended to educate, orient and prevent misunderstandings.

Thanks for your understanding and your business.


If you do not feel like you got your moneys' worth...  NO Charge!