Get $20
for Referrals


This is how it works.....
I will pay you $20 bucks for each referral once when I service that property for the first time.
Hint: Print out my business card by right-clicking on it and selecting print. Then write your name, number and address on the back and give it to the referral. (don't forget to tell them to give it to me before I finish) And that's all there is to it!

Very Special Pricing for Elderly, Single Parents and Widows

Call or Text: 251-421-4778
For Free Estimate or Email

Call or Text: 251-421-4778
For a Free No Obligation Estimate
or Email

Money$ Worth Lawn Maintenance is dedicated to those special moments in our client's live that they might otherwise spend toiling in the yard and you can rest assured in our reputation for dependibility, knowing that you will get the best value for a job done right.

So go ahead and relax. Enjoy your day off. Life is too short not to get your money's worth.









If you do not feel like you got your moneys' worth...  NO Charge!